Close to our dear plant, there is pond. The party will be there. Take the direction of the city Rouvray and take to the left before the church

Here are the coordinates "47.912822, 3.669841"

Put it on your smartphone and let the technologie do the work. Or click on the link ;)


The question is, Do we really need a reason to celebrate ???

But, in fact, there are two goal for this party

The first one is to celebrate my birthday! Happy Birthday to me and my 26 candles !!!

The second one is to celebrate my resignation and my departure from Davey Bickford.

What to Bring

You can bring everything you want. Food, Music, Drinks, Activities, Condoms, tent....

But clearly, you should bring some drinks



As it is in deep campain and you will certainly drink, there are two solutions

The first one is to bring you own tent and crash on site

The second one is to go back to my house where you can crash on a couch or something alike